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Laurids Gallée, patras

Patras is Laurids Gallée’s newest series of works, made of hand-blown neon glass tubes and suspended string, differently dyed curtains of thread, that act both as lampshade and as backdrop. The Patras works consist of geometric volumes that are shaped by the falling thread, the negative spaces filled with the gloomy light of neon lamps that emerge from within the strings giving the false impression of a tangible solid form. Through its textile body and neon light interaction, the Patras works emits an illusive mirage of materiality, a trompe l’oeil or fata morgana set up to celebrate a certain intangibility of shape as well as evoking the interaction of neon light and soft fabrics’ most seductive qualities. Read more

About Laurids Gallée

Laurids Gallée, grew up in a family of artists in Vienna, Austria, where he was exposed to different creative fields from early childhood on.

After briefly studying anthropology in his home town, he moved on to the Netherlands to study at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where he graduated in 2015 and in 2017 started his own studio. His practise explores traditional and folkloric elements to enter modern materiality, while always considering today’s advanced manufacturing processes to create a contemporary fusion.

His body of work has little limitations to media but an attention to colour and a reoccurring emphasis on strong lines, draw a red thread through Laurids’ work which results in pieces that range somewhere between a certain artistic exploration, sculpture and furniture/object design. He currently lives and works in Rotterdam.

sidelight s, ecru

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sidelight l, silvergrey

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sconce, dark blue

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chandelier, beige

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