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Tomás Alonso, lines & waves

Lines & Waves marble tables are the result of an exploration of pattern and stack-ability. Machine-milled grooves cut into the top and bottom surfaces of single marble blocks result in a pattern that is both decorative and functional. The pattern is crucial to the furniture’s design, as it allows for flexibility and play when interlocking the single blocks. At the same time, the wave pattern lends the very heavy blocks of marble a new delicacy and tactility. Starting from the idea of a system the building elements are basic geometrical shapes derived from cylinders and rectangles made from different types of marble. The pieces are tactile; smoothly polished. Once stacked, the compositions take on the function of furniture, anything from low to high tables, consoles or dining tables. Read more


About Tomás Alonso

Tomás Alonso is a cosmopolitan craft designer born in Spain. Initially he has been influenced by the resounding but very concise charm of the pioneers of the Modern Movement, from Weimar to Milan. He eventually opted for a Master's at the Royal College of Art in London after a decade of study and professional practice in the USA, Australia and Italy which merged into a clear and pragmatic vision of life, soon translated into his own line of elegant, linear and poetic objects finding his own dimension in the field of the authorial design. His method can be summed up as an intelligent morphological synthesis of a technicist type, focused on functionality as an absolute value and turned into an idea for products which are quick and easily understandable into their constitutive elements. The very simple aesthetic qualities of his objects reveal the expressive potential of materials - his main source of inspiration - conveying an expressive immediacy which makes his work universal and transgenerational.

marble, table 4

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marble, table 2

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