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mischer'traxler studio, light volumes

light volumes is a delicate silk-made luminaire. Three different sized silk loops rest in one another and are illuminated. The light gently flows into the silk and the very thin, nearly transparent silk turns visually into various volumes of light creating a special atmosphere. Each lamp can shine in warm white light as well as in a dedicated colour. They give off a very even illumination that almost appears to be caught in the fabric. Suspended from the ceiling, light volumes can be used as an ambient light in front of a wall, above a table or as well as airy room divider whilst at the same time it can give colour to a space. With every gentle breeze the characteristic flow of the silk becomes visible and little ripples float across the fabric. Read more


About mischer'traxler studio

Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler form mischer‘traxler studio. Based in Vienna they develop and design objects, furniture, processes, installations and more, thereby focusing on experiments and conceptual thinking within a given context.

Balancing between handcraft and technology, they envision whole systems, new production methods and kinetic or interactive installations that question topics, tell stories or open up new ways of doing things. The results are often playing with uniqueness and some of their projects are poetic records that interact with the viewer and evoke unexpected reactions.

Exhibitions on contemporary design and art displayed their projects in Museums such as the Boijmans van Beuningen, the Design Museum London, the Triennale Milano, Cafa Art Museum Bejing, Mudac Lausanne and more as well as on International festivals and fairs. Projects by mischer'traxler are to be found in the permanent collections of the Art institute Chicago, the Vitra Design Museum and the MAK Vienna, among others.

I, white & green kiwi

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II, white & iceblue

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III, white & lila

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IV, white & sunset orange

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V, white & turquoise

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VI, white & sunset orange

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