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Commonplace studio, hot clock

Commonplace Studio’s Hot Clock remediates the standard digital clock with the power of heat. The clock combines of a thermo-conductive brass plate with a colour lacquer that disappears with warmth. By controlling the application of heat on the back of the plate, brass digits appear from underneath its topcoat like a reverse oxidisation. The clock heats up for thirty seconds to reveal the time, and then the remaining thirsty seconds then the heat shuts off to each minute to fade away. The end result is a digital clock that is bound by its material properties to show the passing of time.


About Commonplace studio

Commonplace Studio is the Netherlands-based design practice of Jon Stam and Simon de Bakker, whose work focuses on context driven objects, quality craftsmanship and quiet interactions. The studio frames autobiographical content, while addressing contemporary issues such as the increasing lack of tactility and other challenges posed by the digital. Commonplace Studio works in both an autonomous and commercial context. Their works have been showcased during events such as Design Miami, Milan, Manifesta, and at Sotheby's. In 2013 the Studio was awarded the Designers of the Future Award at Design Miami/ Basel.


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