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—future4x4, Tim Mastik

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  • Next in line in our new —future4x4 exhibitions to yearly offer a platform to 4 emerging designers we feel you need to get to know through 4 works each is Tim Mastik with his Dynamic Monotiles series.

  • Tim Mastik’s work echoes his obsession with shape, repetition and material by researching the endless options of handmade print techniques. By deconstructing his designs, playing with rhythm, symmetry and asymmetry, he creates an unexpected dynamic between color and shape.

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mischer'traxler studio, entomarium — extinct

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  • Entomarium extinct appreciates moments in nature and questions the interaction between man and nature where simple, contemporary glass bells form the main component of these illuminated objects. These mouths-blown glass vessels are safe settings for artificial hand-fabricated insects portraying various extinct species from all over the world.

Emile Claus 51, B-1050 Brussels

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