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Tim Mastik


Tim Mastik’s work echoes his obsession with shape, repetition and material by researching the endless options of handmade print techniques. By deconstructing his designs, playing with rhythm, symmetry and asymmetry, he creates an unexpected dynamic between color and shape. Geometry and minimalism often form the foundation of his designs, characterised by seemingly simplistic shapes and great attention to detail. The creative process is essential as his experiments on materiality play a key role in establishing a personal texture.

Using selfmade tools to create his series, using the ink such that every applied part is unique as a dialogue between precision and imperfection, where the material properties of the tools stand central to the creation process, his work methods imprints an often-unexpected variation to an otherwise perfect regularity, an individual interpretation of béton brut on paper and as iterative studies of mass and shape driven by repetition, subtraction, overlays, and framing.

It is both uniqueness and an unfolding of a sequence which characterises Tim’s works, singular and endless at the same time, his experiments with printing techniques providing him with ever new shapes and structures.

Tim Mastik, dynamic monotiles

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