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Érika Muller

Érika Muller is a French visual artist and art director based in London with an interest in curatorial work. Since graduating from the Royal College of Arts in 2006 in the Communication Art and Design course, Érika has excelled in and pushed boundaries beween the fields of identity, print, illustration, editorial design and environmental graphics. Having worked with clients such as Established&Sons, Martino Gamper or Mother Design, Érika delivers simple, pertinent but striking visual concepts.

Alongside her art direction practice, Érika develops personal and collaborative projects as a visual artist and curator, from ‘Vera Chapters’ narrative exhibitions evolving around a fictional character to ‘Pierre and the Almond Tree’, an exhibition initiated together with designer Tomás Alonso and photographer Nick Ballon inspired by the work of Pierre Leron Lesur, with the alphabet prints developed by Érika reflecting on a strong family heritage - a profound love for trees - resulting to a perfect reflection of a somewhat lifelike approach to her work, trusting on her particular variety in abilities to mount her own visual finesse.

The alphabet series underlines this unique perspective reflecting her expertise in different techniques from photography to graphic design, inspired by what is deepest in her: nature, her creativity and the connection between them handed down by her own family tree, leading to a graphic expression of organic randomness.

Érika Muller, alphabet

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