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Our services focus on the search for, issue and sale of limited editions by the most remarkable emerging designers, operating as a profound platform for development and documentation supported by an international promotion and exhibitions program.
Since the gallery's inception in 2008, the collection has grown throughout all object typologies, representing a carefully curated collection of cutting edge contemporary classics.

We understand designart as the grey zone between industrial design, crafts, architecture, sculpture, conceptual, installation and many other arts but applied to or at least suggesting objects of use - developed and manufactured with the outmost care. We offer the designs the industry can't.

Victor Hunt is a branded personality of ourselves, an alter ego capable of customising our relation with each customer in constant personal progress.

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Victor Hunt Designart Dealer

A carefully curated collection.

Maarten De Ceulaer, grid

Maarten De Ceulaer,

Grid is a series of solid wood planks, machine-milled in the top and bottom which allows them to be bent in fluid sculptural 3-dimensional curves that are solidify by filling the grids with resin. As a beautiful natural material thrown into a virtual reality, the play of liquid lines reminds one to computer modelling software, turned into an elaborate electrical circuit connecting hundreds of leds. The wooden planks are transformed into programmed illuminated surfaces.