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Our services focus on the search for, issue and sale of limited editions by the most remarkable emerging designers, operating as a profound platform for development and documentation supported by an international promotion and exhibitions program.
Since the gallery's inception in 2008, the collection has grown throughout all object typologies, representing a carefully curated collection of cutting edge contemporary classics.

We understand designart as the grey zone between industrial design, crafts, architecture, sculpture, conceptual, installation and many other arts but applied to or at least suggesting objects of use - developed and manufactured with the outmost care. We offer the designs the industry can't.

Victor Hunt is a branded personality of ourselves, an alter ego capable of customising our relation with each customer in constant personal progress.

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Victor Hunt Designart Dealer

Contemporary classics.

Johannes Hemann, core

Johannes Hemann,

Just like the universes made from smallest parts, the atoms, Core has been built from small beads. It is an experiment to see how small parts can built a bigger shape. Thus the process starts with single iron beads, by soldering the beads together they, each bead lets the structure grow further, just like corals in the sea. To start with I created a half pipe which was then covered with iron beads. The flame heats up the iron beads wherever it hits them and this way the shape is created by the path of fire and the brazing solder. Turning the half pipe bit by bit creates a full cylinder in the end. The length of the piece can be adjusted as well as the diameter and the lightness or density of the structure. To create a warm and mystic atmosphere, the light is hidden inside a glass tube that is opaque. This light atmosphere underlines the idea of a mystic piece. On the other hand raises the tensions within the object between the organic, rough shape of the outer tube and the clean geometric inside cylinder. Each and every piece will look different from the other, as all are made by hand and each turn in the way your hand makes, will create a corner, edge or turn in the structure that the one before does not show. Just like corals in the sea, the process used for Core is able to create organic shapes in endless variations and this from a very industrial material which in the beginning looks all the same, just a small bead.