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Victor Hunt Designart Dealer’s services focus on the search for, issue and sale of limited editions by the most remarkable emerging designers, operating as a platform for development supported by an international exhibition program. Since the gallery’s inception in 2008, the collection has grown throughout all object typologies, representing a carefully curated collection of cutting-edge contemporary design.

We understand “designart” as the gray zone between industrial design, crafts, architecture, sculpture, conceptual art, installation, and many other arts, but applied to or at least suggesting objects of use— developed and manufactured with the utmost care.

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Victor Hunt Designart Dealer

Contemporary classics.

, clock clock

clock clock

The Clock Clock re-contextualizes time in a mix of old and new, analogue and digital. It is made of 24 traditional two-handed analogue alarm clocks stacked on top of each other. Six clocks make up a number, each of them displaying either one of its corners or one of its sides. All 24 clocks create one display similar to that of a digital watch. Though the digital analogue format is impressive at first sight, it is the mechanic choreography that takes place every 60 seconds that is truly fascinating. All 24 clocks revolve hypnotically with each passing minute, before settling down to display the updated time.